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Serial Plate Instructions
Serial no. plates for hitches can be found on the front of the hitch on a flat surface, depending on the style of the hitch.

Serial no. plates can be found on the back side of the snow plow on the passenger side. Example of serial no. plate for snow plows:
11EHSB PCL QCP TE LL      Serial No. 12345

Breakdown for Snow Plow model 11EHSB:
11 = Length of snow plow in feet (also comes in 9', 10' & 12')
EH = Height of plow: EH= Extra High - 48"; H = 42" high; 36" high
S = Type of plow: S = Straight; MR = Jetstream with one ear; MR&L = Jetstream with two ears; J = “J” style/full roll; T = Taper; B = Built in baffle

Plow Options:
QCP = Quick Coupling Push
TE = Trip Edge
LL = Level Lift

PCL: Table & A-Frame
PCL = Power Circle Latch
PR2 = Power Reversible
M/PR2 = Power Reversible
PRT = Power Reversible Tube Style
1WT = One Way Table tube Style

1WH = One Way
RH = Manual Reverse Plow
PR4 = Power Reversible Medium Duty

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Instructions for ordering parts:
*Always specify the name of the product, the model number, and the SERIAL NUMBER stamped on the plate of the product requiring parts.

Furnish a complete description and quantity of parts required, using part description and part numbers listed in the parts manual.

Give exact shipping instructions; such as billing & shipping addresses, means of shipping, and a purchase order number if
needed. Confirm fax orders by letter or by phone.

Unless claims for shortages and errors are made immediately upon receipt of goods, claims may be difficult to satisfy.

If damaged goods are received, a full description of the damaged should be made by the delivering carrier’s agent on the freight bill and signed by that agent so that damages may be collected from the transportation company. All shipments leaving our plant are inspected by the carrier and judged packed and protected. From this point, our responsibility ceases and is bourne by the carrier.

All prices are F.O.B. our factory, unless otherwise noted. In case of change, orders will be filled at current prices.

Address orders to:
The Gledhill Road Machinery Co.
P.O. Box 567
Galion, Ohio 44833

Shipping Address:
The Gledhill Road Machinery Co.
765 Portland Way South
Galion, Ohio 44833